Adobe Mobile Podcast Series

January 8th, 2008

Adobe Mobile Podcast Series

Patty PravoVir Unis and Ma Ja LeTom Kenyon

Watch or listen to this podcast series aimed at creative professionals new to mobile, as Adobe host John Agger walks you through tutorials on mobile content creation. The Adobe Mobile Podcast series is created in partnership with Terry White’s Creative Suite Video podcast and includes the following episodes:

Why mobile is important
Mobile & Devices Part 2
Getting started with mobile

Boston UG eSeminar - Club Moket

December 7th, 2007

The Boston MaD User Group is holding an eSeminar on December 13th at 5PM EST (check your local time).

Dale Rankine, CEO of Moket , will present Club Moket.

• Presenter, Dale Rankine, CEO of Moket
• The members of the Boston MaD User Group will also have the chance to win a copy of an Adobe Software package of the value of $2100.

Club Moket is a new direct-to-customer mobile sales portal featuring Flash Lite content. It is the retail channel for Moket and the popular Moket Content Network. Club Moket aims to provide compelling and creative Flash Lite content primarily to markets such as UK, Europe and South-East Asia, where customers have more open (and Flash Lite enabled) handsets (Nokia, Sony Ericsson) and flexible web-browsing capabilities.”

Dale Rankine is the CEO and founder of Moket, and will be demonstrating the portal as well as discussing the opportunities for Flash Lite designers and developers to sell through the channel. The Moket Content Network that feeds the Club Moket portal has been growing rapidly over the past months, and Dale will be able to share with you some feedback and observations on Flash Lite content in the market, and what designers and developers should be watching out for.

To receive the link to the room, please join the Boston MaD UG.


Flash lite 3 developer edition launched.

December 3rd, 2007

as of 4pm PST on friday 30th nov, the flash lite 3 developer edition player is available on Adobe Labs.

This now allows the Flashlite community as a whole to start actively creating and testing their own FL3 content.

The developer player provides the Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition for Nokia N95 (non-US 3G version) devices; however, technically it should work on any Nokia S60 3rd edition or later devices. Adobe has not certified Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition on any other Nokia S60 3rd edition devices and cannot guarantee that the player will work on them.

The developer edition has the following features & limitations

• no serial number required
• standalone content support only
• Nokia S60 3rd edition and newer devices supported
• Player loads the developer edition startup screen (as per 2.1 developer edition player) ( this will not be in place on OEM installed devices)

The first shipping devices with Flash Lite 3 pre-installed will be Nokia S60 models and will be available in Q1 2008.

Also there will be a discussion forum dedicated to FL3 Developer Edition:

FL3 developer edition forum

for more info, Bill Perry has blogged on his site regarding the release:

link here

Janus Lite is now free!

November 28th, 2007

Some great news from Leonardo about their Janus Symbian product:

Janus Symbian Lite is now completely free of charge. Yes, you heard this right! Janus Symbian Lite is now is completely free of charge and free of use (even for commercial projects!). Janus Symbian Lite won’t let you modify the source code of your sis file and won’t let you use any external Janus method, but all the other cutting edge features of Janus Symbian are there!

These are Key Features:

  • If Flash Lite is not detected on user’s cellphone, it shows an info with URL to download Flash Lite from Adobe’s website
  • Lets you embed external files (ie images, texts and sounds) to be deployed with your application
  • Lets you specify which Symbian 3rd edition capabilities you want to enable in your SIS file
  • Designed and built in order to be easily updated and future proof - more and more Janus Symbian methods are in the works!
  • Professional SIS Maker and SWF Launcher tool using the industry leading “Janus Engine”
  • Supports versions 1.1, 2.0 and 2.1 of Adobe Flash Lite Player
  • Auto sign SIS installer with provided and developer certificate
  • Lets you embed additional SIS file with yours that will be installed during the installation phase of your SIS (so you can embed the Flash Lite 2.1 player installer and have it installed for maximum compatibility!)
  • London meeting and Playyoo Competition Launch

    November 22nd, 2007

    Date : 5/12/07

    Seminar outline:
    - Flash Lite and C++ a brief introduction
    - Flash Lite and external applications
    - Integration between Flash Lite and C++
    - Case Study: a Flash Lite chat based on Bluetooth and C++
    - Rapid Application Development toolkit: KuneriLite
    - Open discussion in the pub
    Speakers: Vassilis Legakis and Giorgio Natili
    Max participants: untill availability
    All our seminars are free, but for each there is a limited number of places, so if you intend to participate please fill out this form.

    Time: 18:30-20:30
    Venue: Skills Matter
    1 Sekforde Street
    London EC1R 0BE


    During the meeting will be introduced the “2007 Flash Lite game contest” sponsored by Playyoo. The sponsor will offer a beer to all the attendees in the open discussion session and a lot of gadget will be ruffled during the meeting.

    As this will also be the first face to face meeting of the UK MaD , there will be a load of adobe giveways, and a raffle for an Adobe product.

    Hope to see you all there.


    Moket Christmas Request

    November 8th, 2007

    Dale Rankin from Moket has sent out a request for any christmas wallpapers and screensavers that you might have made, or are thinking of making. See the message below, and get in touch with him directly if you are interested, this is a great opportunity!

    Hey everyone,

    Down here at Moket, we’ve been working really hard on a new distribution opportunity that we’ll be announcing shortly through the Moket Content Network. Those of you at MAX this year would have gotten a very quick sneak peek!

    And as part of this new service, and to also feed the multiple international distribution deals we have, we’re looking to aggregate the best Christmas themed Flash Lite animations for wallpapers and screensavers that we can find. Santa, elves reindeer, gifts, Christmas trees, decorations and lights – if it’s Christmas themed we’d love to see it!

    This is for designers and developers who are already part of the MCN, and also for those of you who have never submitted anything before.
    Please email  with your samples, or email me back with any questions you have.


    Learn the basics about developing mobile content with Adobe Creative Suite 3

    October 12th, 2007

    Wednesday, November 7, 2007 : 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM US/Pacific

    Can’t or didn’t make it to MAX 2007? Join us for this online seminar
    to learn about Flash Lite and Adobe’s line of products targeted specifically for devices and mobile handsets. We’ll also explore Adobe Device Central and see how it can help you develop, design, and repurpose content for the mobile world.

    You will learn:

    # The differences between Flash on the desktop and the latest version of Flash Lite
    # How Adobe Device Central can help you develop and test your mobile content
    # All you ever wanted to know about device profiles
    # What you should know about web and video content in Adobe Device Central
    # And much more…


    As the Senior Technical Marketing Manager for North America, John Agger is responsible for pre-sales and marketing activities focused on Adobe’s mobile offerings. In his role, John is engaged with Operators, Handset & Device manufactures, and content creators to help them benefit from the many possibilities offered with Flash Lite, Flash Cast, Reader LE, and other Adobe tools.

    register for this event here


    Developing Flash Lite 3 Applications for Nokia Devices

    October 12th, 2007

    Bill Perry will be presenting the following eSeminar on flashlite 3

    Wednesday, October 24, 20079:00 A.M. PDT

    With more than 62 different Nokia models worldwide with Flash Lite pre-installed, the market opportunity for developing mobile Flash content is expanding, and you can be a part of it. The newest version of Flash Lite supports ActionScript 2.0 and introduces support for Flash Video (found on sites like YouTube) based on Flash Player 8. See Flash Lite 3 examples on the latest and greatest Nokia devices and learn how you can get started with Flash Lite development. This eSeminar will introduce you to the entire workflow for Flash Lite 3 development, from concept, to design, to determining addressable devices, to selling your content and getting paid. Learn how to create compelling content for multiple devices by using the integrated development environment of Adobe Creative Suite 3 tools, including Flash, Device Central, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

    By attending this session you will learn:

    * The difference between Flash Lite 2.x and 3
    * How to embed an FLV into your Flash Lite 3 application
    * New security settings that you need to be aware of

    Attend an eSeminar and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Adobe Flash Professional CS3 or an iriver Clix.

    click here to register for this event


    Exposure for your work

    September 11th, 2007

    A couple of opportunities to get your work shown to the Flash Lite community and beyond.

    Firstly Alessandro has posted a request for content, see below for more info:

    I am looking for some FL content (apps, games, screensaver and wallpapers) to be used for a demo at MAX.
    It should be free and for mobile phones, swf or sis. For the swf I will apply DRM (demo purpose).
    If you are interested in providing some content please email it to me at “”

    Secondly Matt is doing a short presentation on the group and would love to get some screenshots of your great work. Any content is welcome, so just send along your 240×320 screens to his address “matt at” and he’ll include the best ones. The deadline is Thurs, but the earlier the better.

    UK MaD eSeminar - KuneriLite : Develop kick-ass S60 applications with Flash Lite

    September 6th, 2007

    Date : Tuesday 16th October 5:00pm GMT

    Ugur Kaner, CEO of Finnish mobile company Kuneri, will be presenting an eSeminar about KuneriLite; the innovative Rapid Application Development toolkit for Flash Lite. In this session, Ugur will cover the following topics :

    - Short background information about Kuneri
    - What is KuneriLite and how does it work?
    - Overview of KuneriLite plug-ins
    - Hands on KuneriLite
    - Questions and answers

    At the end of the seminar, Kuneri will be raffling off one KuneriLite Commercial among the participants.

    This eSeminar is bought to you in collaboration with Augnofi.

    About the speaker;

    “Ugur Kaner is the CEO & Creative Director of innovative Finnish mobile company Kuneri and the manager of Adobe User Group Northern Finland.
    Beside his long graphical and multimedia design experience, he has a long track record working for well known technology companies with his computer engineering background.”

    To access the eSeminar, please join the Uk Mad Ug here, and the login details will be sent out a few days before.